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ABC World News, made in America with Diane Sawyer

Village Candle is listed under Maine in these listings! Here is the link!

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We are also listed under candles on this page: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/made-america-2013-gift-ideas/story?id=21099427&singlePage=true

Did You Know?
"I am a Hallmark Gold Crown store...one of the largest in the region..and Hallmark stores are typically all about "Brand Y".

Upon comparing my sales from January thru May 2008 to the same period for 2009, I discovered something rather shocking. My Village Candle sales showed a 161% increase over my prior vendor, in four feet less space! All this with a "Brand Y" corporate store less than 2 miles down the street.

Customers are hooked right away by the clean look of your artwork and great colors of your candles. Once they take them home and realize the strength of the fragrances and the quality and cleanliness of the burn, they can't help but come back for more! And all of that at a price that is less than "Brand Y"...what more could I ask for?"
A Hallmark Gold Crown Retailer from Ohio