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About Us


Our mission is to be a leading manufacturer in the home fragrance industry by offering premium quality products that exceed our customers' expectations. Our commitment is to continuously improve our products, to enhance the lifestyles of our customers and our employees, and to support our community. Through teamwork and collaboration, we challenge ourselves to deliver sustainable growth and financial returns that achieve this mission. We will provide a safe, positive, and inclusive environment that is a source of passion, pride, and inspiration.


Our culture defines who we are. It sets forth aims and principals of Village Candle®. Our success is based on the shared values and commitment of the men and women who are building our team for the future, on developing new technology, on discovering creative and innovative ways to do things, on improving the value of our services to our customers, on building strong relationships with our customers, and on seeking excellence in everything we do.


The safety and well being of our employees is our #1 priority. Each of us must be committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment.


Integrity is our guiding principle. We stand behind what we say we will do for our customers and our employees. We meet the world head-on as upright, honest, and sincere business people.


Search out ways to exceed our customers' expectations. If we don't meet their needs, someone else will.

Let solutions start with you. Creativity and independent thinking are the keys to our success. Take responsibility for searching out a better way, for achieving higher quality.


Balancing work and home life is a concern for everyone. We recognize that there will be inconveniences and will support employees in their efforts to achieve a balance between work, family, and lifestyle commitments.


A positive attitude is the foundation for excellence. Excellence is an individual attitude, which defines how successful we will be. Adopt a positive attitude and lifestyle.


You make a difference. Take pride in what you do. Each of us brings special talents and areas of expertise to the company. Share your knowledge with others. What we do affects who we are.


Get involved. Being a valued member of a community means giving something back to it.


Strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine caring for each other. Ask co-workers how they are doing and listen to what they say. Clear communication and a sense of teamwork are critical in a competitive environment. Village Candle® is committed to our culture and our employees are the key to our success.

Did You Know?
"When my now 11 year old daughter was a toddler, she loved going in your Topsham store - and thought every time you gave her a sample votive it was magic to her - we loved walking thru there - and when family would visit from far away, she would always say we have to take them to the candles. You all hold so many wonderful memories."
Karen W.
"I was house hunting in Rhode Island and smelled the most wonderful scent I've ever smelled. I found out the scent was called Mulled Cider and went on a mission to find it. I'll go anywhere to get that candle, and I want to thank you for making such a wonderful scent. It'll always remind me of my hometown in Texas during the holidays."
Mary H.