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Why Two Wicks?


Many Village Candle® customers are intrigued when they open our Premium Round Candles to discover two candle wicks. Many of them want to know, "Are two wicks really better than one?"

We're pleased to say, "Absolutely."

Village Candle® pioneered Dual Wick Technology™ for use in our large candles because two wicks offer three significant advantages over single wick designs.


We designed special small diameter wicks that burn more efficiently than the beefy wicks found in single wick candles. That means that our Premium Round Candles burn more efficiently and create less soot.


Our Dual Wick candles are so efficient that they burn at the same rate as single wick candles. What's more, the two wicks burn the wax so completely that there is very little left in the bottom of the jar. That means you always get more candle for the money.


Of course, the most noticeable difference is that a Village Candle® Premium Round candle gives you twice the reassuring glow of single wick candles. Two wicks also release more of the fresh, inviting fragrance of each Village Candle® into your living environment. It's like having twice the ambiance in the same space.

Lead-Free Wicks

Village Candle® would like to assure you that our candles are not manufactured using lead wicks. We use only paper and cotton core wicks to manufacture our candles.

We would further like to assure you that Village Candles are "Handmade in Maine" -- manufactured in the United States of America.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Village Candles with the confidence and knowledge that the quality as well as the safety of Village Candles has met our own high standards, with your satisfaction in mind.

Did You Know?
"Your Warm Apple Pie is just the best candle in the world! It burns so clean and smells so good. I'm a Village Candle® customer for life."
Linda H.