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Egyptian Sandalwood-Premium Round
Premium Round
Faded Line Favorite
Unlike the cloying incense made from this essence, our superb, elegant-looking candle has a subtle, alluring scent underlain with a fresh note of genuine woodsiness. Ideal for setting an intriguing, soothing mood.

Egyptian Sandalwood-Premium Round Scented Candles | Village Candle
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TypeSize (oz., in.)Burn Time (hrs)PriceQuantity
Premium Jar 11oz Blown glass round 45-55$11.00
Premium Jar 16oz Blown glass round 85-105$15.00
Premium Jar 26oz Blown glass round 145-170$18.00
Votive 2.5 oz. Single Wrapped 15-18$1.90
Tealights 10 single 10 Pack 4-6$8.00
Room Spray 1oz Round Glass Bottle $10.00
Air Fresheners 2 pack Car Candle™ Mini Scenter™ $2.00
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