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Sweet Pea-Premium Round
Premium Round
Beautiful and delicate, the essence of sweet pea blossoms in the springtime come to life in this fragrance. Light this candle to experience the utter femininity of fresh Sweet Peas in bloom, any time of the day or night.

Sweet Pea-Premium Round Scented Candles | Village Candle
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TypeMSRPSize (oz., in.)Burn Time (hrs)PriceQuantity
Premium Jar$16.00 11oz Blown Glass Round 45-55$12.00
Premium Jar$21.00 16oz Blown Glass Round 85-105$16.00
Premium Jar$25.00 26oz Blown Round Glass 145-170$19.00
Votive$3.00 2 oz. Votive-Wrapped 15-18$1.90
Tealights-12 Pack$12.00 12 single Tealights 4-6$8.00
Air Fresheners$4.00 2 pack Car Candle™ Mini Scenter™ $2.00
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