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As a global fragrance industry leader, we continuously strive to create the finest products with the highest quality fragrances. The focus of Village Candle® has always been on meeting the challenges and responsibilities of the tremendous honor of being identified with the quality products that are synonymous with “MADE IN AMERICA.” Through teamwork and collaboration, we challenge ourselves to deliver sustainable growth and financial returns that achieve and maintain this honor globally.

Our vision at Village Candle® is to provide our customers with a fragrance experience that continues to enhance their lifestyle. Our passion and commitment for searching out a better way for achieving higher product quality and optimal fragrance performance is unwavering. Village Candle’s innovation team, with over 100 combined years of candle and fragrance development, has the experience you can trust to provide the quality products you and your customers deserve.

Our creative team of experts has proudly mastered over 100 complex fragrances, ranging from woodsy to floral, fresh from the oven, sweet vanilla notes and mouth-watering fruity scents. Our product line offers a variety of quality fragranced products for every lifestyle. We understand that customers seek our fragranced products for their own personal indulgence, whether it’s for relaxation, creating a memory, romance or just a special treat for themselves. Our consumers not only decorate their homes with multiple fragrances, they gift them for gatherings and special occasions.

Our founder’s creation of Dual Wick™ technology, dating back to the early 90’s, provides a slow even burn in our jar candles, ensuring enhanced fragrance release. We source only the finest quality ingredients available to us for the highest quality fragranced products offered around the world.

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